Sunday, January 8, 2012


Good air in; Bad air out.

    Thank the Heavens that the 2011 holidays have ended! Although I do love all of the quality family time and seeing people I haven't seen in what seems to be ages, my occupation just doesn't make it all worth it. This Christmas has been the busiest Christmas I have ever seen in my seven years at Mrs. Fields. The opening of H&M and Crate & Barrel on 11/11/11 have just made the mall soar above any other this side of the United States it seems!
     I was able to peel myself away mid-month to enjoy one of the most epic bands I've ever been able to witness for the third time; Anberlin. This winter has been the most snow free season of my life, this only means it will be snowing till July :/ The concert was announced 2 weeks prior of the actual date. It wasn't until the day before of the show that X96 announced the venue and time, which was outside at the Gallivan Center mid-December! We were only second row back right in the middle of all the action; although six songs in, it became a little too chaotic for any of us so we charged through the sea of people to the back where we could actually fill our lungs with crisp oxygen. Post-show we were able to meet Anberlin and have them sign a few personal items as well as take a picture with the five of them.
    Following the show was more work, work, work, work! Busy, busy, busy busting our butts! Finally, what seemed like forever to arrive was Christmas Eve! I opened the store with a little more relaxation than I had the previous weeks because I knew it was about to be over! Eight short hours later I was walking around the mall finishing my final gifting for those who matter most. Suddenly an employee corporate appeared in my face and was congratulating us on what a spectacular season we have been doing; for those of you who don't know my store is certainly not corporate's favorite location! It felt amazing to be encouraged and felicitated on our success! Finally, it was night and we were headed to The Wagstaff's for the annual Christmas Eve party! Chase was dog sitting Maddox (Chase's best friends' dog) and I was instructed to take his food and toys to Chase's old room where Chase would be sleeping for the night. When I opened the door to his room it was exploding with presents in red and green papers and ribbons of gift boxes and bags! Although on the bed was an unwrapped MacBook Pro and Printer both sealed in their boxes. I knew Chase's mother had been saving to upgrade to a MacBook Pro so I assumed it was for her. Following me was Chase with Maddox in his cage, suddenly Chase started exclaiming how mad he was and to my cluelessness I hadn't the slightest clue of what he was upset about! He started explaining the MacBook Pro was my Christmas present and he had a fantastic plan to fool me when he wrapped it, but hadn't had time yet. Inside I was screaming of excitement while I was trying to keep composure. Chase was so sulky the rest of the night, I was trying everything I could think of to attempt to cheer his mood. Nothing worked until he unwrapped gifts at my house, which actually turned out to be an amazing Christmas Eve night! Thanks babe for making me the luckiest girl! 

Welcome 2012!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


As you may or may not know, my boyfriend leaves every April for five months to sell alarms. The departing date is usually the second Sunday of April, this year he left on the second Wednesday in the morning. Dreading this day is an annual event and this year seemed to be the worst goodbye yet; or so it felt at the time.
I took Tuesday, April 12th off work to spend as much time with Chase as possible! The day mostly consisted of running errands, choking back tears, and attempting to suppress every emotion I felt all day as to not burst into sobs. I think I held myself quite well until I was packing his clothes into his bag, my  emotions couldn't stay bottled in anymore. The night was growing older and Chase had a 25+ hour drive ahead of him in just a few short hours so in order to keep hysteria getting the best of me I agreed to let him walk me out to my car. Upon exiting the house door I held my breath and took Chase's hand and walked across the street where The Cube awaited. The walk seemed shorter than usual, but before I knew it I was in my car crying. Goodnight.
The next morning was like any other morning at work baking cookies. It didn't feel much different from any other day; but I knew Chase was coming that day to visit me before departure. I knew it should be around 9:00 and I kept checking the hands of the clock, but they seemed to never move. Until, I saw his face walking in to my store, half smiling. He was carrying a pile of his clothes, which I selfishly asked him to bring me so I could have something that smelt like him all summer long; and some blueberry pudding I accidentally left in his refrigerator. We stood there and hugged for what was probably five minutes and I was trying to not allow my sinuses feeling as if they were burning so I could keep tears out of my eyes. If I started crying at work, it would have been an unstoppable epic disaster that ends in me hanging out in the backroom all day; I couldn't let this happen even though I wanted to fall to pieces in Chases arms. One last kiss....
and Goodbye, My Love.

I miss you, I hope to see you soon.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rooftops & Raindrops

 The first thing you should know about me; I'm only happy when it rains. In the beginning of March, I took my fat wiener dog for a walk and decided to bring my camera, because I love pictures of tree reflections in rain puddles. I figure anyone can take a damn good picture so don't judge me for not CLAIMING to be a photographer.
 I love spring strictly for rain, I enjoy puddle jumping and this one of the best times that I ever had. Even though it started out as work for my sisters' school project it turned out to be an exhilarating moment and I'm glad she captured it into a photo.